Salsa Music 101
Well there are lots of different styles and opinions on salsa music as there is in every other style of music.  When I used to work in a resort the managers used to say never talk about religion and politics because it always leads to heated arguments.  I sometimes think they should add music to that list.
That being said salsa music is awesome and for a beginner dancer the best music (in my humble opinion) is what some might call pop salsa.  The salsa that is widely played not just in salsa clubs, but on radio and tv as well.  For all you just getting into salsa music I will save the discussion about the rhythms and instruments for later.  For now here is a list of some great salsa artists to dance to.
1.  Marc Anthony: Probably the first place and most widely known salsa singer, his songs are like crack for dancers.  Here are a few of my recommends.
- Tu amore me hace bien, mi gente, valio la pena
2.  Victor Manuelle
Slower and romantic with a great singing style. He also has great pauses and hits in the music that are great to dance to.
-He tratando, Aparentamente
3.  Grupo Niche
Some classic salsa is always nice.  I love these guys and some of their songs make me wanna move like its about to go out of style. Gotas de lluvia and Cali Pachangero

5.  Other random salsa songs.  Lluvia, Un Monton de Estrellas, La Rueda, Yo No Se Manana

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salsa music is awesome and for a beginner dancer. The best Sasla dance can be easily performed on any best music .thank you !


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